Tilt door locks, which we stock and panel door locks

Tilt door locks, which we stock and panel door locks

Garages most of the time are overlooked when you are assessing the security of your home. If you are looking for advice to improve the security of your garage, then you should use tilt door locks and panel door locks for your garage door’s security. In the following blog we are gonna learn about the tilt door locks and panel door locks in detail and why you should use them for your garage door. 

Identifying the needs for your security:

Prioritizing garage door security is important mainly if it connects to your main house. Besides this, there are many more reasons you need to look after security locks and secure garage doors. 

First understanding the security risks which might occur when the garage security is not taken care of are paramount. Beyond just being a parking spot for your car, the garage offers valuable possessions, from expensive tools and equipment to your favorite bicycles, gym equipment and even sports gear. Neglecting garage security can make these items irresistible targets for the thieves. 

The second thing is to identify the valuable items stored in your garage is important.

Just think about all those valuable possessions that you own that could be at risk if your garage door’s security is not taken care of. Lastly, don’t overlook the garage’s proximity to the main dwelling. In most of the homes, the garage is a potential entry point for intruders that connects directly into your house. If the garage door lock that you are using is weak then it might become an easily accessible place for thieves. For the following cases the tilt door locks and the panel door locks are recommended by the professionals for your garage door security. Remember, a secured garage is an important part of your home. 

Tilt door locks:

Tilt door locks are so called because of their tilting mechanism for the door opening, the mechanism consists of an external lock mechanism which doubles up as the handle to help the person manually open and close the garage door from the outside. The inside of the garage door will contain a cable system with two bolts attached that secure into the door’s tracks. 

When the right key is fitted into the lock the cylinder and the t-handle is turned to the downside, then the bolts are released. These types of locks are usually found on single skin garage doors. 


Pros of the tilt door locks:

  • Inexpensive
  • Can easily be fitted by yourself without professional help.
  • Offers a convenient handle to open and close the door.

Cons of the tilt door locks: 

  • Vulnerable to brute force attacks
  • No protection against peeling and crowbar
  • Normally these types of locks are easy to pick.

Panel door locks:

These types of locks are digital based. These types of doors are opened with a remote, they might also contain a keypad or a keyhole. This is also another advantage of being able to open a garage door with a keypad, keyhole or with the remote. 

Pros of panel door locks: 

  • Can be opened with different accessibilities like keypad, keyhole and a remote.
  • It is not easy to pick.
  • Safer than the tilt door locks.

Cons of Panel door locks: 

  • I need a network and wifi to operate.
  • Needs Bluetooth
  • Can be much more expensive than other options.

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