Turn your manual garage door into an automatic garage door in 3 easy steps

Turn your manual garage door into an automatic garage door in 3 easy steps

Smarten up your home. Are you tired of getting out of your car every time you need to open the garage door?

It feels like such an old-fashioned inconvenience, doesn’t it? Then what about adding a little more layer of door for your security and efficiency. If that’s what you want then it’s about time for you to install an automatic garage door opener.

You can easily change a manual garage door to an automatic one with a few simple steps. This process is not difficult.

You can do it yourself. All you need are some basic tools and a little bit of time.

This post will teach you how to convert your manual garage door to an automatic one in three simple steps. The process is easy and can be completed quickly. By following these steps, you can enjoy the convenience of an automatic garage door. 

The three steps to transform the garage door: 

Step 1:

Identify your existing garage door:

The first thing that you need to do is that to identify what type of garage door do you currently use. If you are using a sectional type door then it will require a different type of garage door opener than a roller door opener, so you will want a model that will suit you. 

Make sure your manual garage door is working properly before converting it to an automatic one. This is important for a successful conversion.

Check for any damage or malfunctions in the current door. If there are any issues, address them before proceeding with the conversion. This will ensure that the automatic garage door operates smoothly. Be sure to check the list for the following reason:

  • The garage door is balanced
  • The garage door moves smoothly through the tracks.
  • The garage door doesn’t make any noise or sound during the opening or the closing.
  • The door doesn’t get stuck or caught in between the process.
  • The balance springs aren’t broker, worn or improperly adjusted.

If your garage door is having any problems, you should fix them before thinking about getting new garage door openers. You need to address these issues promptly to ensure the safety and functionality of your garage door. Repairing the existing problems will help extend the lifespan of your garage door openers.

Consider consulting a professional to assess and fix any issues with your garage door. You can call a professional to help you inspect your garage door thoroughly to identify the problems. It is not recommended to try fixing issues with springs or cables at home. It is best to leave these problems to a professional.

Step 2:

Buy the best model of garage door opener as per your type of garage door:

Like most of the accessories garage door openers come in different shapes and sizes. Whether your garage door is sectional or roller there are plenty of options for you to choose from for your garage door. 

You also have a wide range of features to choose from. The garage door openers at express garage parts are of the latest technology with the most durable parts. 

Step 3:

Installation of the door opener: 

Good garage door opener brands provide clear instructions for installing the opener, driver, system parts, and controls. The instructions cover all aspects of the installation process.

They are easy to follow and ensure proper installation. Following the instructions will help you set up your garage door opener correctly. The instructions will also allow you to learn how to set up the electric connections and program your new garage door opener as per your liking.

Having someone to help you during the process will make a lot of things easier and I highly recommend it. If you are installing a garage door opener yourself, it’s important to have some experience and general knowledge. If you’re not experienced, make sure to have a partner help you through the process. 

Express Garage Parts offers high-quality garage door openers for sectional and roller doors, featuring the latest technology. If you live in Australia, be sure to check out Express Garage Parts. They are the top garage parts company in the country and ship parts nationwide. 

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