How to fit a door motor to a shed roller door?

itting a door motor to a shed roller by yourself is pretty difficult but with the professional tips it can become a piece of cake. So today we are gonna learn about how to fit a door motor to a shed roller door and how to install a garage motor.

Note the point that each door will be different and may require a different motor to fit the shaft for the shed door. 

If you are going to do this yourself then please make sure that you are equipped with the correct equipment, the correct equipment involves a stable platform to climb on the shed door, someone to assist you during the work, since you will need to lift the shed door up to attach the motor. Since the weight of the door is heavy, be sure to be safe, if the door is dropped on you or somebody else it might cause a major injury.

As most of the door motors are electric you will need an electric socket to put the plug in. This is important so please make sure that this whole setup is done by a professional electrician. 

Fitting a motor to a shed roller door

Installing the Garage/Shed Motor

Now let’s get to the main point, how to install a garage motor and how to install a garage door motor to a shed roller door. 

First take a basic motor before it’s assembled. Release the chord to lock it by itself onto the auto mode, then just release it to the manual mode and now you are set to go. 

First of all what you have to do is check that the u bolt is tight on this side. The opposite side of where we are going to fit the motor. The other rest already has the existing power, and has the room to fit the motor. Before we undo the u bolt of the side where we are going to fit the door, before that we need to make sure that the other u bolt has to be tight and nice. The 15mm socket is recommended to tight the u bolt. Make it nice, tight and secure. 

You also need to make sure that the door has the right amount of tension to check that it can hold its own weight halfway down. If it is not able to hold the weight then you need to retension the door. 

Climb onto the ladder make sure it’s stable and loosen off the u bolt on the end you are going to attach the motor to. Stand up on the ladder, lift up the door and remove the u bolt fitting completely, you will need to replace it with the one that comes with the motor.

Make sure that the motor is on manual, make sure that you find the two slots where the motors are going to slide onto the drum wheel, it will be like two small sections where there is a bolt. 

Lift the door manually and try it manually to make sure that it is running nice and free. This one is fine. Lift it up to half way position. Lock it onto the motor by pulling the chord and then plug the motor into the power. 

And that's how you fit a door motor to a shed roller door.

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