How do I choose a remote for my electric gates?

How do I choose a remote for my electric gates?

An electric gate increases security for your property. It makes it more difficult for someone to enter your home by simply unlocking a physical lock. An automatic gate is a nice solution but you can take it much further by using a gate opener remote.

Aren’t there a lot of remote choices? Which makes it pretty confusing for a consumer to choose the right electric gate remote. Don’t worry, in this blog we are going to explore about how to choose a remote for your electric gates.

A gate opener remote can provide you an access to your property without the use of physical touch with the gate. For example, if you use a remote opener then you won’t have to worry about leaving the car to open or close the gate. This is pretty useful especially at the times of terrible weather conditions.

Before you start researching for the ideal remote for your gate, you must learn how an automatic gate remote works. 

Automatic gate opener remote: How does it operate?

An automatic gate opener uses a motor inside the gate and a remote control to open and close the gate. The remote sends a signal to the main control unit of the gate to operate it. The control unit detects signals from long ranges, such as photocells, through its design.

The photocells are an important component that regularly communicates with the access control system. A light beam can help the gate detect people or objects in its path. This is useful for opening and closing the door.

The gate uses the light beam to determine if there are any obstructions. This helps prevent accidents and damage. Users especially use this component to ensure safety in the operation.

Types of motor for an automatic gate opener:

There are various types of motors used for gate openers. Each type has its own benefits and is compatible with different gate sizes and types. Here are some of the most common types:

  1. AC Motors: Alternating current (AC) motors are reliable and suitable for heavy-duty gates. People often use them for sliding gates and swing gates. AC motors have high starting torque, which makes them ideal for gates that require extra force to open and close.
  2. DC Motors: People know direct current (DC) motors for their efficiency and quiet operation. People often use them for smaller gates and in residential settings. DC motors are also suitable for solar-powered gate openers because of their energy efficiency.
  3. Screw Drive Motors: Screw drive motors use a threaded rod to move the gate. They have a reputation for reliability and are suitable for gates that need precision and smooth operation. People often use screw drive motors for sliding gates.
  4. Chain Drive Motors: Chain drive motors use a chain to move the gate along a track. They are durable and suitable for heavy-duty gates. People commonly use chain drive motors for both sliding and swing gates.
  5. Hydraulic Motors: Hydraulic motors use hydraulic fluid to power the gate opener. They have a reputation for their high power and are ideal for large and heavy gates. People often use hydraulic motors for industrial and commercial gates.
  6. Gear-Driven Motors: Gear-driven motors use gears to move the gate. They have a reputation for reliability and are suitable for gates that need high torque. People commonly use gear-driven motors for sliding gates.

The motor for your gate opener depends on gate size, weight, security needs, and budget. Consulting with a professional to determine the best motor type for your specific needs is important.


How to find the right one and what to look for while finding it: 

When choosing an electric gate remote, make sure it matches the motor of your automatic gate. The remote needs to be compatible with the motor for the gate to work properly. Matching the remote to the motor is important for the automatic gate to function correctly. For the rest of it if the gate opener remote matches with the access control system then it will work. 

However one way to make sure is if the color of the button matches the color of the buttons on the remote. So make sure to purchase the compatible one.

You will need to locate the model number on your garage door operator, you can then enter this into the search bar at the top of any page to locate the garage door remote that is compatible. Otherwise, enter the details into our enquiry form and we will respond with the details on the compatible remote.  

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