Garage door maintenance checklist

Your garage door is like a second primary entrance of your house, especially if your car is usually parked in the garage, and it makes up a lot of portion of the exterior part of your property. This system can easily last for several decades but you should expect and maintain it by taking care of it every six months to extend its lifespan. In this blog we are going to explore the various things you need to maintain about your garage door through this garage door maintenance checklist

1. Inspect and repair the operating system as required:

The garage is supposed to open and close several times a day and each cycle puts pressure and makes the system wear and tear. You should make sure to check it before the season changes to avoid being surprised when you try to get inside of your home after work. Follow these maintenance tips for the winter and summer season to check your garage door’s operation

  • Visually inspect your door: check the exterior outer part of your garage door every six months for the issues like fading, blistering, cracking or peeling that can reduce your home curb’s appeal. Also make sure that there are no dents or scratches on the door since it will lead to encouraging moisture entering the garage and will increase the mold growth.  
  • Test the balance of the door: If the door is dis balanced then it will put pressure on the automatic opener. Check the balance of your door by pulling the release handle on the automatic opener and lifting the door manually with your own hands until it’s almost half open. If it does not stay up then you may need to contact a professional garage installer or you may be able to find the parts you need to fix your garage door through our wide selection via our online shop. 

2. Inspect the moving parts correctly:

Your garage door’s operating system contains various mechanisms which makes it run smoothly without making any noise. Inspect the metal and plastic parts that are damaged if not repaired then they will reduce the functionality and lifespan of your garage door. Here is garage door parts maintenance checklists:

  • Rollers: Properly check the rollers along with the edge of your garage door and the top and the bottom brackets holding them in one place for chips and cracks. Even though it is recommended to replace the roller, this work can only be done by the help of a professional so contacting one will be the best option. You can however order the parts through our shop.
  • End bearing plates: These parts are located at the each end of the spring bar, this part allows it to move as the door operates. 

Make sure you have the right tools on hand to fix your garage door.

3. Test and reverse the auto reversal features of the garage door:

The auto reversal system is used to send the door upward if the door senses something in its way while closing down. If this feature is not responding correctly then it may lead to injury on yourself or your family members. Check the functionality through this garage door maintenance checklist of auto reversal:

  • Test the photo eyes: The photo eyes sensor can easily get damaged and hinder their ability to activate the auto reversal feature.
  • Make sure photo eyes are clean: Even an obstruction like some dust can trigger the photo eyes and open your garage door. So make sure to clean them thoroughly.
  • If you have a Merlin garage door opener it will have an adjustment force setting, this will either be a button or a screw.  If your garage door is reversing before it even hits the floor, your close force setting likely needs adjusting. If this is the case, your door rollers are essentially tricking the merlin garage door opener into thinking that the door has already reached the floor.


By following this garage door maintenance checklist your garage door’s lifespan will significantly increase and will reduce the amount of problems that are uncountable in the near future.  If your problems are still not fixed then order your parts online website express garage parts

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