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Wall Mount/Visor Clip Holder for Aftermarket Handsets

$13.80 Incl GST

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1 x Wall Mount / Visor Clip Holder for Aftermarket Handsets

Colour: Blue with silver clip

Note: Handset is not included.

Wall Mount / Visor Clip Holder Product Features

  • Light weight
  • Use this holder to mount your aftermarket handset to the wall or as a visor clip in your car

This wall mount / visor clip holder can be used in two ways, you can either mount the holder to the wall or add the visor clip to the back of the holder to use in your car. The aftermarket handset is easy to place into the holder and is easy to remove.

Note: This is the holder only, handset is not included.

To find which handsets can be used in this holder, see below in the “You May Also Like” section.

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 20 mm

Compatible Handsets

Wall Mount / Visor Clip Holder Compatible Handsets

This wall mount  / visor clip holder is compatible with the Aftermarket Handsets only, these are listed below:

  • Aftermarket Avanti Handset
  • Aftermarket B&D TB6 Handset
  • Aftermarket Boss / Steel-Line HT4 Handset
  • Aftermarket Centsys Handset
  • Aftermarket Chamberlain / B&D 433 Handset
  • Aftermarket Gliderol 305 Handset
  • Aftermarket Merlin M842 Handset
  • Aftermarket PTX4 Handset

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