A comprehensive guide to garage door motors and operators

Purchasing a garage door for your garage is one the heaviest purchase you will make for your home. An average garage door functions at its full capability for around 15 years, so if your garage door is older than 15 years then it’s about time for you to replace it with a new one. Today in our blog “Opening Possibilities: A comprehensive guide to garage door motors and operators” we are gonna discuss the garage door motors and operators in detail.

How to check the manufacture date?

You can find out your garage door’s age by locating the

manufactured date printed on the unit, so check the date and start budgeting accordingly.

If your garage was made prior to 1994, we highly suggest you replace it with a new garage door, since the old garage doors lacked the safety sensors that makes the modern garage much safer for your kids, your pets or any other thing getting in its way.


When it comes to replacing your garage door motors and operators, the decision can be confusing since there are a lot of different garage doors present in the market. There are 3 main types of garage door operators that have almost the same features as the other ones.


These 3 types mainly come in a variety of models, some of which contain high latest features like battery backups and wifi connectivity to make your life much easier and safer than the old garage doors. Battery backups are now mandatory in states like Canberra and allow for a homeowner to open the garage door without the requirement of electricity. Wifi capabilities of the latest garage doors allows you to connect the garage door with your mobile phone and control it thoroughly with just a mobile app available by the company of the manufacturer.

Choose Your Garage Door Type

You can choose a garage door model with any of the features mentioned above and to clarify it more for you we have compiled a proper garage door motors and operators guide for you to help you decide the best garage door model for your budget and requirements.

  1. Chain drive garage door:

A chain drive door uses a thick chain which resembles that of a bicycle chain and this chain is used to open and close the door. The advantages of these chain drive garage doors are: It’s the most common garage door, pretty cheap than the other options.

Disadvantages: Make more noise than the others. If this is the product you are looking for, if you want the best quality one check out our express garage parts online store but if you have a medium budget and all the noise of chain drive would bother you then our professionals recommend you the belt drive.

  1. Belt drive garage door:

A belt drive garage door is the door which features a belt drive to open and close the garage door. The advantages of these belt drive garage doors are: Does not as much as noise as chain drive, is a good option for heavy lifting, is also affordable. Disadvantages: While some options are affordable most are expensive. If you are not interested in these and you want a quieter door then a wall mount is the one for you.

  1. Wall Mount garage door:

As easy as it sounds: instead of mounting the garage door to the ceiling, this garage door is mounted to the wall beside the door to save some space. Advantages of wall mount: takes less space, quieter. Disadvantages: Most expensive.


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