Why Does my Garage Door Stops Part Way Up garage door stuck

Why Does my Garage Door Stop Part Way Up

You are leaving for an urgent work and locks your house then tries to close the garage door but later you discover that it stopped half the way up while closing and now you are stuck with a halfway closed garage door that isn’t responding to your garage remote. Now you have to get out of your car and close it manually. But now you would be wondering why does my garage door stop part way up

This is a common issue for homeowners with most of the garage door openers. Here’s why your garage door is stopping halfway and what you can do about this major inconvenience.

Let's talk about some common problems that can cause your garage door opener to malfunction.

There are few possible reasons that your garage door is stopping halfway when you are trying to open or close the door. A knowledgeable garage door contractor can easily figure out the exact and accurate cause of your garage door problem. 

The track of your garage’s door is not properly aligned:
One of the biggest and most common reasons for a garage door to be getting stuck halfway is that the door track is out of alignment. The track could be bent or crooked, preventing the rollers from moving along with movements of the garage door and even causing the rollers to pop out completely. If your garage door’s track alignment is off, you will need a pro to handle the requirements of your garage door for your own safety. 

Something might be blocking it while it’s in the process:
Another one of the most common reasons for that might be making your garage door stop halfway could be an external or internal obstruction. 

The blockage could be caused by a wedged stick, rock or other object that is keeping the garage door’s arm from lifting fully. Once you are done with removing the blockage, your garage door should be able to open or close easier than before. 

You may be able to see or remove the blockage just by yourself, but it will be much safer if you get help from a garage door professional. Garage doors are heavy and can be much more dangerous than you think when malfunctioning. 

Normal wear and tear of the door or the moving parts:
Just like your own car, your garage door also needs maintenance to keep it in the best shape. Normal wear and tear can keep your garage door from working properly. There could be dusty, rusty or worn out parts causing your garage door to jam in the middle. 

Some parts also need to be cleaned or lubricated time by time to keep everything running smoothly. Even the springs, cables and motors of the door can get worn and down over time. 

Should I just replace my garage door with a new one?

Even after you have solved all of these problems and it’s still stopping half the way, then you may be wondering if you need to replace it. If this is your first time you have had this issue, you likely just need the garage door to be repaired. However if you are asking for frequent repairs, it may be more cost effective and less of a hassle to just replace the garage door

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