What parts of a garage door need to be lubricated?

What parts of a garage door need to be lubricated?

Automatic garage doors simplify our lives. However, even these automatic doors without proper maintenance might begin to make too much noise and even have chances of malfunctioning and breaking.

Learning how to and where to spray lubricate on garage door parts for proper operation and continued use is an important thing to do. You should ideally aim to lubricate the moving parts of your old garage door about once every six months to make the parts keep moving efficiently and smoothly.

With the help of proper supplies, anyone who doesn’t even know about the lubricant can easily learn how to grease rollers of your garage doors and other components. While you might be tempted to reach for a standard WD-40 to help you lubricate your garage door, you would actually want to avoid using it for this specific task since it can easily attract dirt, which can easily lead to creating additional problems. 

Instead what you should use is white lithium grease or silicone spray. Having a rag on hand is useful for ensuring even lubricant application as well as cleaning up drips or the overspray that arises from the lubricant. 

Before you begin you should learn about some steps to make sure that you lubricate your garage’s moving parts and other components properly: 

Step 1: Vacuum and wipe down garage door tracks

The first step to lubricate the garage door is to clean the garage door tracks.

The tracks are required to be clean to allow the rollers to move smoothly along them as they are required to open and shut the door, but they do not need to be lubricated. The first step you should do is start vacuuming any dust or the large debris that is on the tracks.

Then after that use a damp rag to wipe away any dirt or dust that remains after the vacuuming. If required you can try to use an automatic brake cleaner to loosen and remove the stubborn and stick on messes. 

Step 2: Lubricate the door hinges and the rollers

After you are done with cleaning the tracks, it is the time to move on to lubricating some parts. When you are thinking about how to lubricate garage door rollers and hinges, make sure that you use a lithium based grease or the other option is silicon grease. 

To avoid the hinges from fostering, just lift the door. As the door bent along the tracks, spray or wipe the hinges with the grease. Next you will need to lubricate the rollers which are connected along the track of the door next to the hinges. Using the thinner straw attachment for the grease lubrication will make it possible for you to also lubricate the small parts within the roller. 

Step 3: Lubricate the bearing plates and the springs

You will require a step ladder for this new step. Most garages have springs along their top. The bearing plates, which are of a circular shape, are located on each side of the springs. Both the bearing plates and the springs should be lubricated to ensure the process of proper operation.

To lubricate these parts thoroughly, spray or wipe them down with the grease. After applying some grease you should open the garage door. This process of motion will make sure that the grease is spread around more evenly. 

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