Tilt up, hinged, roller, garage door

What garage door do you have? Tilt up, hinged, roller?

Do you have old garage door parts?

If you are going to install a new garage door, whether tilt up, hinged, or roller door. Or you are going to renovate your old one, then you will obviously need a new garage door parts. For that, you have a lot of options to choose from. Today in this post, we are going to discuss different types of garage doors and what might be the best for you: 

Roll-up Garage Door

When you open it, it wraps around a drum at the top of the door frame rather than lying flat against the ceiling. This makes it good for small garages with a limited amount of headroom. 

Manufacturers can easily make roll-up doors from wood, but they are most of the time made of galvanized steel. That gives the door an industrial look that makes it  suitable for both commercial buildings and residential buildings, but it also makes it resistant to wind and impacts. 

Because there are fewer options than for other types of garage door materials, the cost of this whole process depends on size, ranging from $800 to $2500.

Sectional Garage Door

As the name already tells us, this type of garage door consists of horizontal sections joined to each other with hinges. This allows the door to bend as it follows a curved track. It rests straight against the ceiling when open and flush with the door frame when closed. 

This is the most popular type of garage door in North America and is readily available here in Australia. Manufacturers can easily supply factory-installed insulation to make it suitable for virtually any climate. You can easily even operate it manually, but most of homeowners opt for a remote-controlled electric door opener most of the time. 

Sectional doors come in lots of materials, including wood, aluminium, fibreglass and wood composite. Depending on the type of insulation and other options, this garage upgrade costs from around $800 to $2000 with installation (does not include the door opener)

Hinged (also known as barn door):

Also known as carriage doors, hinged or barn-door style doors consist of two vertical panels that swing outwards from the middle. These types of garage doors tend to be more expensive than any other type, ranging from around $3000 to $8000 depending on the size of the door and also the materials of the door. 

The door panels can be solid and open outward like old-fashioned barn doors, or they can easily be built in vertical sections that fold against the side of the door frame. Wood is the most traditional material, but you can also find composite and galvanized steel versions. 

These types of garage doors can be hard to open manually and often require automated door openers, which will add to the cost. It’s also the least weatherproof, even with weather stripping. 

Slide to Side

Not as common at once they were, slide to the side garage doors open horizontally, wrapping around the edge of the door frame and sitting flat against the inside wall of the garage. For a large one, you need two that meet in the middle of the door opening. 

This type of door saves headroom, but it requires space on one or both sides of the wall in the garage for the top and bottom tracks. 

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