Checking your garage door before winter

Checking your garage door before winter

Winter is almost here, which means that the good and bad effects of the cold weather will also hit your garage door performance. As a winter garage door specialist company we know that there are many tasks that have to be done to prepare your door for the winter season. 

Your garage door is one the most important parts of your house, especially if you don’t want your car to be covered in snow. Keeping your door protected from the cold can help it last longer and avoid unexpected issues in the winter.

Make sure your door is ready to protect the moving parts in your garage door system. This will lower the chances of needing an emergency replacement. 

Why you need to prepare your garage door for winter

While there are a lot of things that are on your to-do list as you prepare for the winter, you shouldn’t forget about your garage door. Taking the proper steps to prepare your garage door can significantly affect your home as the weather gets colder and colder. With the preparation you will be able to dave your garage door and its important parts. So make sure to prepare beforehand. 

Inspect your moving parts thoroughly:

As everyone knows that is very common for the springs of the winter garage door to become brittle in the winter and can easily snap even if a little amount of force is applied on them. To prevent the springs from snapping, apply lubricant to them and the garage door to help it withstand the winter months.

Metal parts can also become brittle and become breakable in winters so make sure to cover them with lubricant too. If you use preventative maintenance it can greatly help. Inox on the springs and lithium grease on the metal parts are the best lubricants to make them survive the winter. 

Add insulation to your garage door:

Your garage doors will require proper insulation to keep your garage warm during the winter season. Insulating on a garage door prevents the moisture buildup that can freeze. This buildup makes the door heavy and may also prevent the door from opening at all.

Many of the newer garage doors come with in built insulation to insure the temperature within the garage. Exterior walls should also have plenty of insulation in them as the cold air can easily seep through the gaps. Make sure that the walls of tha garage are undamaged before you add insulations for the winter. 

Check the weather stripping around the door:

The weather stripping that is also known famously as your rubber seal, around the perimeters of the garage door keeps the cold air out, dirt, debris and bugs are also blocked by this rubber seal. Heat exposure and the exposure to the extreme cold weather can lead to the decay of the stripping and any small can render it become completely useless. Cheap, flimsy stripping also has minimal effects on keeping cold air and the elements of the weather out of the garage. 

By following these instructions you will be able to prepare your winter garage door for the winter season. If you live in Australia and are looking for lubricants and a fixing up your garage door then Express Garage Parts is your go to company. With same day shipping, you can start your autumn jobs this weekend. 

Our Queensland Warehouse can supply you all your parts.

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